Yigo Resident Jenn Reyes Wants to Spread Holiday Joy with Christmas Displays


For our fourth installment of Kandet Krismas, we head up north to Yigo.

From the classic nativity set, to a train station, to Star Wars, to the Eifel Tower, and even to Hello Kitty. This house in Yigo has almost everything when it comes to Christmas decorations.
It’s not a well-known place because it’s hidden within the village, but once you stop by and find it, you will be amazed.
Resident of the house Jenn Reyes says she was inspired by a street in California where all the houses are decked out in lights and decorations. 
She says, “It all started when I came back from San Diego and they call a place Candy Cane Lane so here on Guam, we hardly decorate so I told myself when I get back I’ll decorate for my children.”
Reyes says she started putting up Christmas lights and decorations in the year 1997. Since then, she started collecting more and more decorations each year. She explains, “That was my first one. My mom’s house which is on this side and then after Typhoon Ponsonga, we build this house here. So it started out from this yard and we eventually went to this side.”
Reyes explains that they even try to change up the set up every year. In fact, visitors can take a look at different themes on the yard. “Right over here, this was my youngest daughter’s Sweet 16, it was called Under The Sea. We kept the decorations so we made it like a pond. Little by little, it’s just family. Just my brothers and children helping out. We start taking out the lights at the end of September,” she says.
Reyes says her house is where their family members gather and hold special events during the holidays. “What we have is our Santa Maria Kamalen. My mom holds her novena here so December 8 we have a gathering. I did it for my kids and now I have grandchildren so I do it for them too. Everybody is invited. We invite them to get down. They’re more than welcome to see the lights.”