Yona solicitation letter modified

Former Yona mayor Jesse Blas (file photo)

A copy of a Yona mayor’s office letter obtained by PNC shows that an old solicitation letter was passed off for a new solicitation letter because Yona Mayor Jesse Blas is still under detention and unable to sign new letters.

The letter is soliciting donations from the business community for Halloween treats to be given to village children this coming Halloween.

In the letter, dated October 9, 2019, it can be clearly shown that the “9” in 2019 was originally a “7” modified to make it look like a “9.”

In other words, the letter was originally dated October 9, 2017 but was modified to make it look that it was dated October 9, 2019.

Yona Mayor Jesse Blas remains in police custody following his alleged involvement in a drug ring, operating out of his office’s U.S. Postal Service mailboxes.