You May Be Getting Your Food Stamps Later than the 1st. Here’s Why


The staggered issuance of benefits for food stamp recipients will begin this coming June and it will be based on your social security number.

Guam – If you are a food stamp recipient, you may be among those who will no longer get your benefits on the first of the month.

The Department of Public Health and Social Services has just announced that beginning in June, the agency will begin issuing food stamp on a staggered basis beginning June 1st.

In a release, public health says the staggered issuance of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits was encouraged by the Food and Nutrition Services to give retailers a break.

Public Health says by staggering food stamp benefits, it will give retailers a chance to replenish their stock and continue to carry healthy and nutritious foods at competitive prices on a more consistent basis.

The SNAP funds will be issued over a 10-day period based on the recipient’s social security number.

The last digit of your social security number will be the day of the month you will receive your benefits. If your SSN ends in 0, you will receive your benefits on the 10th.

Again, this method of staggering food stamp benefits will begin on June 1st.

You can read the release by clicking on the file below.