Ypao hotel committed to fixing roach problem

As it stands now, the Government operates three hotels for quarantine purpose, one of which is the Wyndham Garden.

Guam – Following the closure of one of their floors by the Department of Public Health-Division of Environmental Health, Wyndham Garden is trying to fix their creepy crawly problem.

According to a statement from Wyndham Garden’s President, Sunard Li, public health inspectors found that it was the property’s restaurant tenant, The Grill and Curry, that was the source of the cockroach infestation that shut down the hotel’s third floor yesterday.

Li said that it was the restaurant’s “shortcomings to operate under proper sanitation regulations” that prompted the infestation to spread throughout the hotel.

To ameliorate the situation, Wyndham Garden has booked extermination services and deep cleaning treatments for their rooms today and throughout this week. The hotel will also undergo major room renovations in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Li said that Wyndham Garden is “fully committed to do everything possible to garner an “A” rating” from public health and earn back the public trust of their patrons and guests.